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Customised programmes on the IOM for wellness and holistic therapies

Are you feeling stressed, tired, anxious and out of sorts?

..lots of niggles but after numerous health investigations and tests you are still feeling generally unwell?
This website was set up to provide information on alternative therapies and to promote the holistic approach to health management.
Rosemary Holistic Therapies and WorkWell look at the whole picture, giving you step by step programmes through consultation and therapies in order to equip you with the information and power to help you rebalance and re-energise to get you and keep you on the right path to lifelong wellness. Making you feel vibrant, healthy and happy.
Rosemary, as a holistic therapist and practitioner, believes that lasting improvements in health will only occur when the whole of the person participates in the healing process.  This is because the holistic approach to health aims to treat the whole person i.e. physical, mental, emotional rather than just treating symptoms in isolation.
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