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Lifestyle Talks

Our basic wellness talk covers in brief the main 5 areas of our lifestyle that need to be in balance in order for each individual to stay and improve their Wellness.

Sleep, water, exercise, eating, and thoughts.

If we can make small changes in each area it will lead to better overall health, eliminating stress, fatigue, and many of the niggles, pain, anxiety and weight issues that seems to be part of our daily lives,   plus much much more bringing us a new sense of vigour , joy and our zest for life back instead of heading towards dis-ease we will head towards feeling and staying Healthy and Well.

Each talk will focus on one area explaining why it’s so important, what happens to us when we are not encompassing this area into our lives, the problems associated with it and the dis-ease it can create. If we change it how it can enhance our lives and health.We also look at habits we have already as this is important in order to really make changes it is easier to add something new to an existing habit, ( based on research ) and it has to be done  slowly in order for us to make it a habit again in our daily lives.

An ideal solution is to have a talk a month over 6 months, which allows participants to gradually make changes which they can do easily, as trying to change too many things in one’s lifestyle all at once, has been proven to be difficult and all too often a person gives up as its too difficult to stick to it.

The basic talk takes approximately an hour but his can be adjusted for each situation. The charge for each talk is £75

This includes a handout for each participant and a step by step guide for them to follow, they will also receive some recipes after the eating talk to help them get started.

I also do one to one consults on this so it would be more specific to the person and we can discuss their specific needs and habits which will help them.