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Workstation And Posture Analysis

It is important that employees workstation meet the stringent Hse guidelines on the adequacy of  the positioning  for desks, chairs, monitors and accessories along with ensuring correct posture is maintained.

We can advise on simple but effective changes to the workstation and posture thus reducing possible occurrences or recurrence of all health problems associated with bad posture and inadequate desk arrangements.

Workwell come into your workplace and sit at the individual workstation and observe the person as they work for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes.

We would assess the workstation, and give your employee the suggestions of changes needed to the area to make it ergonomically sound for that person, but we do advise that we also assess the posture of the individual at their workstation as this is vital to the process and helps to eliminate and prevent any recurring problems.Having supplied a short questionnaire before hand we can quickly address the issues they are experiencing and how to eliminate them through workstation adjustment or posture at the desk.

We charge £45 per person to assess the ergonomics for the workstation and the Posture assessment including advice and suggestions.

We do need the individual at the workstation as we not only assess the area, but we also do need to observe the person sitting at their desk working.

We also give you and each staff member a short report of any advice and suggestions we deem necessary.

Through simple changes to current workstations and posture it is possible to prevent problems such as neck, back and shoulder complaints occurring or recurring, including repetitive strain injury and eye strain, headaches, neck and back problems, which in turn reduces absenteeism.