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Therapies in the Workplace

Therapies in the Workplace

Workwell provide therapists to come into your company and give short treatments to all staff at their desk or private room it usually needs at least two therapists to cover everyone in a day. We have found these one off days are a great way for all staff to have a chance to experience a treatment before we start regular sessions (especially if they have never had a hands on treatment before), it also shows a company that cares for its staff.
Using WorkWellon-site therapies would not only help as shown above but it would also help to meet your health and safety requirements. The HSE are now looking more and more at how companies are looking after the welfare of their staff.
WorkWell are flexible and portable, using specially designed chairs. There is no need to remove clothing and no oils or creams are used. WorkWell bring all the necessary equipment to offer safe and comfortable treatments in a meeting room or quiet corner of the office.
It all works together.
During any session WorkWell  therapists give the client the tools to help themselves and it is making a difference, we have seen the changes it makes and many clients tell us how much better they feel for it, please see testimonials.
  • Sleeping better
  • Less/ or no headaches
  • More energy
  • No tingling/ less or no pain in arm/hand/neck/back
  • Calm and clear head
Appointments are arranged to suit you.
WorkWell skilled practitioners are managed and supervised and fully insured.
In order for the service to be beneficial to staff WorkWell need a person to contact who will;
  • liaise between us and let staff know we are coming,
  • intra net the times to all staff and remind them we are coming
  • forward final list to us before we arrive.
It is often helpful if there is a fixed day each week or month e.g.
1st Friday of the month
Methods of payment:
There are many options available
  • Staff pay for full treatment
  • Staff pay half company pay half (company invoiced)
  • Company pays for treatments (can have clause limiting individual to so many per month/year) invoiced
This is totally flexible and is decided by each company examples:
Weekly during lunch period 11.30 – 2.30
Advanced booking 1 and 3 Tuesday every month from 9.30 -1.30
Once a month 9 A.M. – 4 P.M.
Each session is at 25 min intervals, treatment time 20 minutes
Cost per session is £16

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