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Siddha Healing

Siddha Healing is a very ancient healing system even earlier than the Vedas.

The Siddha healing energies and techniques have the power and capacity to purify and heal the physical, mental, and emotional pain from all levels of out being in an accelerated way.

We use a crystal Mandela which incorporates many powerful healing energies from the crystals and rudashka beads along with sacred geometry, the mandala creates a safe space for the healing to take place . Siddha linage is helping in this healing allowing the person to let go and clear stuck negative energy which may be in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self to be released, thus allowing healing to take place.

This environment is a safe place where you are to be able let go and trust the process for your healing to occur.It is incredibly relaxing and can be life changing !

What to expect if you come for a healing:

I create a mandala specifically  for you using many different crystals and yantras and sacred geometry  before you arrive. I will ask you to think about what you want the healing for, this we can briefly discuss when you arrive or you can have it written down on paper so I can place it in the Mandala. You receive a few drops of Navpashanam oil and then lie down on the couch fully clothed covered with a warm snuggly blanket if you wish, closing your eyes and allowing the healing to take place.

It is a very relaxing calming and safe space for your session surrounded by love and good energy.

I am so grateful that I came across this healing modality, and Meeting Dani has been inspiring , my initiation and learning was a positive and amazing experience and I practice siddha healing on myself most days  and kundalini meditation. It is definitely having an impact on me, of all the energy healing modalities I have found this is the most Profound and deep , I am deeply grateful and hope to share it with you all .


This unique and sacred alchemical preparation of 4320 ingredients is known as the highest alchemical Elixir from the Siddha Tradition crafted 5000 years ago by Siddha Bogar.

Navapashanam is more than just a simple remedy but rather cosmic life force energy infused with unconditional love and grace.

By revitalizing and rejuvenating dysfunctional organs and obliterating causes of diseases, it brings miraculous physical transformation, vitality and longevity. Navapashanam has an infinite potential and divine consciousness for awakening the self and increasing the ability to absorb and retain energy, power and strength, allowing you to transcend duality and transmute negative energy into positive. For more information click here